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Jerome Hamilton and Paul Husby

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Learn to Apply The Lean Enterprise Management System with Our Book

Do you struggle with sustaining continuous improvement of your company’s operations? Well with the help of Hamilton Husby Associates and our business book you will learn learn business practices that will improve your company and build a stronger market position. The authors of our book, “Make Your Business a Lean Business,” have years of combined experience leading operational departments at Ford and 3M, where they learned and implemented the content they put forward in this book.

Our book will teach you methods of creating a sustainable operational systems that will continuously improve the success of your company. Our system plan is set up to:

  • Align operational and strategic targets to Improve (TTI) through the entire organization.  
  • Generate continuous improvement every day.
  • Ensure all team members trained to "see the waste" and apply the process to reduce and eliminate it. 
  • Create an environment of teamwork at all levels of your organization.
  • Hold regular reviews to ensure teams are meeting their TTIs and to have corrective action plans set up if they are not.

By following our operational strategy, you will greatly increase the likelihood of your company succeeding and being around as long as the markets served last. The reality of the modern global markets requires your company to be able to grow and adapt, and with the plan in our book, you will have the tools needed to enhance teamwork and collaboration and improve your business.

About Our Authors

With more than 60 years of combined business and executive level experience, our authors, Jerome Hamilton and Paul Husby realize the challenges that every company faces. The authors have executive experience from 3M and Ford  where they applied the Lean business strategies, process and practices outlined in our book. Additionally, both our authors are highly trained and have a strong understanding of the peer to peer education and the resources required for these processes.

Featured Products

The four products currently featured are very important to get your LEOMS transformation off to a successful start. TR008 Chapter 4: Engaging Leadership and A017 Preparing the Culture Change Plan provide training and tools for getting the organization prepared for the LEOMS implementation journey including implementation processes and tools to assess the current culture and change it if needed to be compatible with the LEOMS culture. TR010 Factory Operations Implementation Training and A000 Lean Factory Implementation Tool Kit are to be used together as A000 supports the processes and practices needed for successful factory floor implementation.   

TR010 LEOMS Factory Operations Implementations



This presentation comprehensively covers the implementation process of LEOMS in a factory by providing an example of building off the TR009 to complete all seven waves

A000 Lean Factory Implementation Tool Kit



24 Excel work sheet tools to assist in implementing LEOMS Factory Floor Value Stream System

TR008 Chapter 4 Engaging Leadership and Preparing the Culture Change Plan Training Presentation


Chapter 4 Engaging Leadership and Preparing the Culture Change Plan covers making a culture assessment to ensure it is compatible with a successful LEOMS implementation

A017 Ensure Your Company Culture Will Enable Long Term Sustainable Continuous Improvement


Utilize the AO!7 tool set to assess your companies culture and if needed make culture changes to assure long term Sustainable continuous improvement

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