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Jerome Hamilton and Paul Husby

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Authors of the Business Book

Jerome Hamilton and Paul Husby

Jerome Hamilton, CEO of Open Therapeutics, http://opentherapeutics.org/, leads the company's scale and global expansion, managing business development, sales, marketing, and investor relations. He was formerly Vice President of Lean Six Sigma Operations, Corporate Quality and Acquisition integration for 3M where he also led the company's Masking and Surface Protection Business with full P&L responsibility. Jerome received his Bachelor of General Science from Morehouse College, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Detroit, Mercy; and Master of Science for International Logistics from Georgia Tech; He is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program, Harvard Business School.

Paul Husby currently serves as Vice President on the Hope Unlimited for Children Board of Directors and is a retired 3M executive following a 38-year career. Paul held executive positions as the President and Managing Director of 3M Brazil, Division Vice President of the Abrasives' Division and Corporate Staff Manufacturing and Supply Chain Vice President. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Stout with a degree in Industrial Technology. Paul held international assignments in Belgium, the U.K., and Brazil and speaks Portuguese. Paul has a passion for applying LEOMS’ team-based culture.

Create and Sustain Enduring Market Leadership

Every Company has an Operational Management System, but does it:

  • Align operational and strategic targets to Improve, (TTIs), vertically and horizontally through the entire organization?  
  • Generate continuous improvement every day throughout the organization?
  • Ensure all team members trained to "see the waste" and apply the PDCA process to reduce and eliminate it daily?
  • Create an environment of teamwork and collaboration among all levels of Management?
  • Hold monthly reviews of annual target to improve and require TTI owners to present a corrective action plan if they're not on a plan?

Ensure your company’s Operational Management System:

  • Continually improves execution and results
  • Continually Improves value to customers and investors
  • Builds results and improvement ownership throughout the entire organization
  • Builds teamwork throughout the organization
  • Holds TTI owners responsible for achieving their annual targets

What is your Business' probability of long-term survival?

  • 85% of the companies listed in the S&P 500 in 1957 no longer exist
  • Nearly 50% of companies the 1982 book In Search of Excellence no longer exist

It is reality that competing in today's global markets creates even greater vulnerability as technology advances continue to accelerate and sourcing from low-cost countries is easily done. Every company must improve continuously at a rate faster than their competitors.

Our Portfolio of Implementation Support Products

Strategic and Operational Competitiveness

With more than 60 years of business experience authors, Jerome Hamilton and Paul Husby realize your company faces many challenges in today's global markets.That's why we've written the complete but easy-to-follow book, Make Your Business a Lean Business. Contact us to get ahead of the competition with our business book. The book along with our training materials will assist you in adopting the Lean Enterprise Operational Management System and transform your company's competitiveness. This book provides a step by step process in transforming your operational competitiveness and increasing value to customers and investors. In addition, Hamilton and Husby are developing additional LEOMS implementation tools and training that will be available in the coming weeks on the LEOMS.com. You can also contact us at 580-919-0671 if you have questions or want to know more about our book and Implementation tools.

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Make Your Business a Lean Business
Training and application presentations
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Featured Products

The four products currently featured are very important to get your LEOMS transformation off to a successful start. TR008 Chapter 4: Engaging Leadership and A017 Preparing the Culture Change Plan provide training and tools for getting the organization prepared for the LEOMS implementation journey including implementation processes and tools to assess the current culture and change it if needed to be compatible with the LEOMS culture. TR010 Factory Operations Implementation Training and A000 Lean Factory Implementation Tool Kit are to be used together as A000 supports the processes and practices needed for successful factory floor implementation. 



TR010 LEOMS Factory Operations Implementations

This presentation comprehensively covers the implementation process of LEOMS in a factory by providing an example of building off the TR009 to complete all seven waves

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A000 Lean Factory Implementation Tool Kit

24 Excel work sheet tools to assist in implementing LEOMS Factory Floor Value Stream System

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TR008 Chapter 4 Engaging Leadership and Preparing the Culture Change Plan Training Presentation

Chapter 4 Engaging Leadership and Preparing the Culture Change Plan covers making a culture assessment to ensure it is compatible with a successful LEOMS implementation

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A017 Ensure Your Company Culture Will Enable Long Term Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Utilize the AO!7 tool set to assess your companies culture and if needed make culture changes to assure long term Sustainable continuous improvement

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